K.A.R.L® - Köln.Assekuranz Risiko Lösungen

K.A.R.L.® is the Köln.Assekuranz concept for the worldwide identification, calculation and quantification of risks caused by natural hazards. The basis is the natural hazard analysis tool K.A.R.L.®, developed and continuously optimized by experienced geoscientists.

With the help of K.A.R.L.® you can calculate specific risks from natural hazards for your property. Different building types are taken into account in K.A.R.L.® using specific vulnerability curves that describe the sensitivity of a building to natural hazards.

In order to be able to determine the risk of natural hazards for your property, only the exact geographic coordinates or the address of the property and the type of building are required. The results of the natural hazard analysis are provided to you on the one hand in the form of a clear short report (OnePager) and on the other hand in the form of a detailed long report (ProReport).


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